We’d like to welcome our newest Chapter 60 member, Bob Wilson, KK4XA!

As many of you may know, Chapter 60 had gone “dark” for a number of years. I have been working to get it activated again and would like to grow the chapter and start doing regular VHF and HF nets as well as other on-air and in-person activities.

One of our newest Chapter 60 members is Bob Wilson, KK4XA. Bob is a landmark in the East Tennessee amateur radio community. His dedication to the hobby and local organizations is endless. Bob is President of the Smoky Mountain Amateur Radio Club, one of the largest and most active clubs in the East Tennessee area. His dedication to the hobby and the amateur community is immense and we are happy to welcome him into our fraternity.

Please check out his recent video regarding SMARC’s Field Day 2023, an event I was happy to be able to visit over that weekend. With new and active members such as Bob, I believe we can revitalize the QCWA Chapter 60, and QCWA at large!

If you or someone you know were first licensed 25 years ago today, whether continuous or not, and whether in the US or abroad, you and/or they are eligible to join QCWA!

Bob Wilson, KK4XA – President of Smoky Mountain Amateur Radio Club and member QCWA Chapter 60

47 & 73 de Jeff/N4POD

By Jeff Buffington N4POD

Amateur Radio Operator since the age of 16. Joined QCWA in 2015. Seeking to reactivate East Tennessee Chapter 60 of the QCWA. Member of the ARRL. Former member of the Orlando Amateur Radio Club.