The QCWA Board are pleased to announce new QCWA Webmaster Tony Perales,
AI1U. Perales was first licensed in 1995 as KB2VJW, and is QCWA Life
Member # 38257.

Current Webmaster Bob Roske, NØUF has been serving QCWA as a volunteer
Webmaster since 2002. Bob would now like to retire and pass the baton
on. Bob’s dedication over all these years has made a huge difference in
moving QCWA into the 21st century with digital content. Bob will
continue to mentor Tony as Administrator to ensure continuity.

Perales comes to us with considerable experience in many areas. “I have
used “radios” for a very long time; particularly one of my memorable
moments was during the World Trade Center; I used our HF-Radio system
called (FNARS – FEMA National Radio System) from the US Virgin Islands
(where I was at the time) to communicate with our Headquarters office in
the Washington DC area. I continue to participate in local radio nets
when time allows.

I have two radio repeaters to serve my community in Gwinnett County,
Lawrenceville, GA. I have a Fusion repeater and a Motorola repeater that
is connected to the c-bridge. I am working on my 50 WAS certificate, and
have two states left to finish this victory run.”

Perales has been employed with FEMA for the last 24 years. His hobbies
include working with people who have disabilities. He is 25% hearing
impaired and suffers from 9/11 injuries. He is a certified American Red
Cross instructor delivering first aid, CPR and AED training for his
community. He has served as Sergeant Sheriff Deputy with DeKalb County
for the last 11 years, and helps facilitate administrative and IT support.

47 & 73,

Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
President, Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc.
*Phone: 403-226-5840*

By Jeff Buffington N4POD

Amateur Radio Operator since the age of 16. Joined QCWA in 2015. Seeking to reactivate East Tennessee Chapter 60 of the QCWA. Member of the ARRL. Former member of the Orlando Amateur Radio Club.